HIMAWANTI Nepal designed a training course for women, in partnership with RECOFTC with the goal of educating women on their roles as leaders in natural resource management. The project was launched in four districts, chosen based on geography, deep rooted inequalities and obvious gaps in forest management. The project and subsequent training reached out to 100 women by educating them on their rights, roles and responsibilities as leaders in the industry.

Community Forestry Women’s leaders capacity development program

A training completion report

July 20-24 2015

This report summarizes a four day training hosted for 26 female members of existing CFUG groups around the Lalitpur region. The four day training emphasized the laws of forest management, ways for women to advance their positions in work settings and how to create a successful advocacy campaign. The inclusion of focus groups and reflections for women to complete gave insight into the main problems in the power dynamic between men and women in the forestry section. This is useful for future projects undertaken by HIMAWANTI. Through daily consultations with all participants, it was found that most women were confident they could implement the new skills to their community forest groups and their broader lives.

Chandragiri Municipality Relief program

June 2015

HIMAWANTI Nepal developed this project to empower women and assist their communities in the wake of the April 2015 earthquake that devastated Nepal. The organization sought out 57 families in the Chandragiri region outside of Kathmandu to receive steel sheets, used to construct new homes for these displaced families during the monsoon season. Priority was given to families with deceased or injured family members, single women and the disabled or physically limited within the villages