For implementing the project titled “Enhancing Sustainable Forest Management & Biodiversity Preservation for Prosperous Living Culture of Chepang Communities in Nepal by increasing their engagement in REDD+ mechanism and decision making process through capacity building training and workshops”

There are no existing practices of resolving conflicts/complaints in the IPs communities in the proposed area of municipalities and rural municipalities. We would form a grievance redress panel within the IPs communities of each of the municipalities consisting of 7 members while conducting the activities in the first two to three months of the project implementation. The 7 members of the grievance redress panel committee would constitute i) Chairperson – 1 ii) Vice-Chairperson – 1 iii) General Secretary – 1 iv) Treasurer – 1 & v) Members – 3. The members of the panel committee would be chosen based on their ability and, if applicable, prior experience in resolving community disagreements and complaints. The panel committee would document the conflicts/complaints in a written manner and sign and resolve the complaint within two weeks from the date of filing the complaint by any party/stakeholders and members of the IPs communities.

If the conflicts/complaints cannot be handled by the grievance redress panels at the municipal and rural municipality levels or if the conflicts/complaints are directly filed with HIMAWANTI, the conflicts/complaints would be heard by HIMAWANTI's central level committee members. The central level board members would resolve the conflicts/complaints with due diligence by hearing both parties to the complaints within two weeks of the date of filing the complaint with HIMAWANTI. All the resolutions to resolve the complaint would be written and signed by the members of the grievance panel at both the municipal level & central board members level of HIMAWANTI and would be shared with the Tebtebba too.

HIMAWANTI will also distribute copies of this grievance mechanism widely to project beneficiaries and will also be made available on its official website i.e.