HIMAWANTI and Global Fund for Women worked together on an initiative that addressed the immediate problems regarding women in their communities after the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal. The program focused on three areas; the maintenance of 40 bio gas installations, 64 water tank renovations and the creation of a short-term psychological counselling for 150 dalit and disadvantaged women in the Kashikhanda area – 3 Fulbari village. The program found that the earthquake increased incidences of mental instability, domestic violence and difficulties working among local women, and benefitted the families selected for the project.

 Major Activities

  • Psychosocial Counseling Program
  • Renovation and Maintenance of Bio Gas Plant
  • Renovation and maintenance of water storage tank


  • Benefited from the bio gas plant: From the renovation of the biogas plant, mostly women are benefited. They can finish their work on time. No need to fetch firewood. They can use their spare time in other works. Less labor. Use of electricity. Clean environment and surrounding. It can be use for longer time. 40 houses are taking benefit.
  • Benefited from water tank: From the renovation of the water tank, 64 houses are benefited. As the water supply had been provided to each house, they do not have to waste their time in fetching water by walking hours. They can use their spare time in other works.
  • Benefited from Psychosocial counseling: They have knowledge about the mental stress and ways to figure it out and tackle. They are mentally healthy, happier and are stress free. They can figure out their own problem as well as their neighbors too. They are able to raise their voice if any violence occurred and stand against it.